Timisoara looses agains Baia Mare and the King's Cup will be disputed by Steaua and Baia Mare



On a heavy rain, Timisoara Saracens SCM UVT met CSM Stiinta Baia Mare on its own ground, in the second round of the 2017 King's Cup. The match was played with the trophy on the table after CSM Bucharest's retirement from the competition and Timisoara's previous victory against Steaua Bucureşti.

The first half started well with an excellent game of Timişoara, especially on the wings. The victory and trophy of the King's Cup 2017 seemed to be already in the hands of our players. William Helu was the first-round player, the "wing" from Edinburgh enrolling two spectacular tries, succeeding a third, but canceled. Gabriel Conache transformed one try, setting the score of the first half to 12-0 for Timisoara Saracens SCM UVT. At the end of the first half Vasile Rus, team captain, received a yellow card, situation which will put its mark on the game at the beginning of the second half.

Like many times in rugby, it turned out that nothing is certain until the final whistle of the referees. The team from Baia Mare, who started the game with many young players, changed the lines in the second half when the experienced players came in. Even if the game was balanced, the Maramures team scored for the first time through a successful try by Botezatu, then by a penalty of Bucur, and the score became 12-8. Our Drenceanu also received a yellow card and the guests took advantage of this, succeeding a new try, through Bidzina Shamkaradze, transformed by Bucur for 12-15. The same Bucur also put 3 points in a penalty and Timisoara Saracens SCM UVT lost a match they had in their hands in the first half.

Discipline and individual mistakes have made the difference in this match and, after having led 12-0 in the first half, Timisoara Saracens SCM UVT lost to the score of 12-18. We congratulate the team from Baia Mare for the game and we wish success to the teams who will play for the 2017 King's Cup trophy in the next round.

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