Timisoara Saracens start their European way with a home match against Rugby Petrarca Padova.



We start the European season with Italy's best known team. Timisoara Saracens begins the fight for the Challenge Cup groups qualification

The Italian club was founded two years before our club in 1947. Petrarca had to wait almost a quarter of a century to win the first national title; ]t was awarded in 1970, and after that, four other championships came in turn in the showcase of Rugby Petrarca. In total, Petrarca Padua has 12 championship titles, the last one won in 2011, and two Italian Cups, the last one won in 2001.

Petrarca has 14 participations in the Challenge Cup, 65 matches played, including 15 wins and 47 losses. The "most productive" participation of the Italians in this competition was recorded in the seasons 2002-2003 and 2008-2009, when Petrarca won three victories.
The Padua team has two active entries in the Heineken Cup in the 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 seasons, and has won only one victory in this competition. The triumph came on Oct. 10, 1998, a 28-17 Neath home from Neath.

The Italian team also has some connections with our country. The city that Petrarca represents is twinned with our moldavian city, Iasi, and also for Petrarca the Romanian prop George Iacob played in the 2014-2015 season. The Italian team is not at the first duel with a team in our country. In the 2008-2009 season of the Challenge Cup, in the group stage, Rugby Petrarca met Bucharest Oaks. The Italians won 20-14 in the match at the Arc de Triomphe stadium, and they lost 17-15 games played a week later in Padova. The Italians ended the group on the third position over Bucharest Oaks. In both matches from 9 years ago, Andrei Rădoi and Madalin Lemnaru played even if they started the matches on the bench.
Timisoara Saracens ended the regular season tour of the Romanian Rugby Superliga and, like their Italian opponents, ranks third in the championship. Timisoara Saracens have 18 points after six games played and come after a victory with a bonus point in front of Politehnica Iasi. In the previous Challenge Cup qualifying campaign, our team met three teams from Italy, and defeated all three of them. Timisoara won in a single match against the Italians more than 20 points, in the home match with Pataro Calvisano won with 36-23.

After the match with Petrarca, the Romanian champions will play in Portugal, with CDUL on October 21, on December 9 with Pataro Calvisano, and on December 16 in Georgia, with RC Batumi.

The match with Rugby Petrarca from the Dan Paltinisanu Stadium is led by an older acquaintance of Timisoara, the Scottish Lloyd Linton. The Scott is in his ninth or year as a referee, and in the last season he led the duel on Dan Paltinisanu with Harlequins, lost by our squad with 42-3.


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