Timisoara Saracens coaches confirmed for the 2018/19 season




Ahead of the competitions’ kickoff, Timisoara Saracens have sealed the commitment of their technical staff



Sosene Anesi will lead the technical staff throughout the 2018/19 season as Head Coach, to be seconded by Ulises Gamboa, who will return to Timisoara.


“We believe the time has come to credit Sosene Anesi and Ulises Gamboa for the following season and we have decided signing the contracts for 2018/19. Their mission will not be easy, given the competitions in which we will be involved – The King’s Cup, Superliga, Challenge Cup and Romania Cup – but their professionalism and dedication, as seen so far, convinced us that at this time they are the right people to continue the work initiated last year. We are happy they’ve accepted the club’s proposal and the challenge of leading the team throughout the next season and we are confident they will work well as a team, same as before.” (Attila Brosovszki, General Manager)



Asked about the Challenge Cup pool opponents, whom Romania champions will clash against during the European autumn, Sosene Anesi stated:

“We are very fortunate to be part of the Challenge Cup for 2018/19 season. This is our second time around and the experiences earned from 2015 on, as we began our European adventure, together with the learnings gained in 2016, as a team and as a club, will guide us through the new season. More importantly, the players themselves also benefited from the European experience. In the 2016/17 Challenge Cup pool matches we had very tough and competitive opponents and whilst we got some heavy defeats, it provided us with the expectations of what is required at that level.

We know how tough it is within this season’s pool but we have nothing to lose. It’s going to be a big ask and a big challenge from everyone involved to make sure we are well prepared but at the same time we are very excited to play at this level. As a coach, one has to consider the holistic approach of the team, so I am confident and have a lot of belief in my players that we can take our performance to the next level and challenge these more experienced teams. I’m highly motivated to start our preparation and I’m sure the boys are too but also confident that we will improve from past experiences.”



Ulises Gamboa also spoke about his return to Timisoara and about the upcoming challenges of the new season:

“I am honoured and very happy to stay with Timisoara Saracens, where I’ve found a club and a team that stimulate me very much. I am happy to return alongside Sosene Anesi, with whom I’ve worked very well during the last season. Competing in the 2018/19 season of the Challenge Cup will be daring for us all, as we will have the opportunity of facing very strong European teams. We will be representing Romania and the Superliga level rugby in this competition and as a team we will have to work hard to rise to the expectations, but as I always say: we will lose nothing, as we will either win or learn.”

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