Support the project „RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” taking part in the social campaign „It costs you 0 lei to help a child”, organized by PROFI Romania in a PROFI supermaket near you




From September 10th until October 14th, Timisoara Saracens’ rugby supporters can actively contribute at the RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS annual project, initiated by Timisoara Saracens’ NGO in 2015, through which Romania’s Champions involve themselves actively in the local community’s life.



What is the Campaign „It costs you 0 lei to help a child”/ „Te costă 0 lei să ajuți un copil”?


Starting from past years, the PROFI social campaigns have targeted the improvement of children’s lives, offering their clients the possibility of directing, through their vote cast to one of the NGO’s enlisted in the campaign, a percent of the total amount of 1.500.000 lei. The participant organizations represent seven areas of interest: health, child rights protection, education, social services, environment protection, culture and sport. One of the 7 projects included in this year’s campaign is “RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS”, which this year will be at its 4th edition.


How can you get involved in financing the project, by spending nothing?


From September 10th until October 14th, each of Timisoara Saracens’ supporters of the team and of the “RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” project can cast their vote in favour of the project at the Infochiosc points, which can be found in every Profi store, by scanning the receipt received after each purchase done within the time of the campaign.


Each receipt will count for 10 points, regardless of the value of the purchase. The supplementary points can be obtained by purchasing the sponsor products (300, 150, 50 points), separately marked on the shelves. The ranking will be done based on the overall points gained by a project, on a national level. The total value of the prizes is 1.500.000 lei and the amount will be shared proportionally to each project, based on the number of points summed up by each NGO.

More details on the campaign “It will cost you 0 lei to help a child”/”Te costa 0 lei sa ajuti un copil” and on the projects’ ranking can be found on the official PROFI website – here:



What is “RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS”?


For Romania’s champions, Timisoara Saracens, rugby means more than just a sport – it is a way of life, based on the main rugby principles: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. For this reason, Timisoara Saracens is actively involved in the life of the community of the city.

Thus, on November 2015, Timisoara Saracens has initiated, in partnership with Nokia Romania, The West University of Timisoara and the Timis County Board of Education, the “RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” project, dedicated to children from the 1st to the 4th grade of gymnasium schools within the Timis County. The first edition enjoyed the participation of 4 schools from Timisoara, while the following editions included schools from the nearby localities as well – Fibis, Giroc, Pischia. The third edition, from the spring of 2018, included no less than 12 schools. “RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” is included since 2017 in the County Board of Education’s curricula, ensuring its recurrence each year, while the teachers involved in the project receive extra points for attending.

For the 2018/19 school year, it is estimated that at least 15 schools from the city of Timisoara and the County of Timis will enlist to participate, with at least 6000 students attending, which will imply greater involvement from the Timisoara Saracens coaches and players to coach both the teachers and the pupils of the enrolled schools in the spirit of the tag rugby rules. Moreover, the match kit (jerseys, balls, tags), the prizes offered to all participants (diplomas, medals, trophies, sports kit) as well as the additional costs deriving from implementing the project are financed exclusively by the NGO Asociatia Rugby 4 Timisoara, with funds raised from sponsorships.


What is the purpose of the “RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” project?


The purpose of the „RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” project is encouraging children to practice sports, develop their team spirit senses and teaching them to respect their team colleagues as well as their opponents, but first and foremost, teaching children to lead a healthy life, through sports. The questionnaires filled in by the parents after the first two editions revealed positive outcome in the children’s behaviour. Based on the feedback from their parents they became “more organized”, “more empathic”, “less self-absorbed”, managing to integrate faster and easier in a group.

Developed as an ambitious project, „RUGBY 4 SCHOOLS” is meant to turn into an education strategy on a larger scale within the local community level, for the children’s and teacher’s benefit. Its intent is to develop a range of physical skills and moral values by educating the children within the spirit of rugby, of fair-play and of performance based competitions.

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