Timisoara Saracens travel to Cluj for the first round of the 2019/20 Romania Cup



Timisoara Saracens face CS Universitatea Cluj in the first match of the 2019/20 season


The 2019/20 season kicks off on Saturday, August 10th, with the Romania Cup, competition for which the eight teams which have competed in the last Superliga season are split into two pools to play for their chance of winning the Romania Cup. Each team will play three round robin matches against the other teams of its pool and the winner of each pool will play against each other in the Romania Cup Final, scheduled for November 23rd 2019.


Timisoara Saracens was selected, based on the last Superliga ranking in Pool A, alongside CSM Știința Baia Mare, CS Universitatea Cluj and CS Tomitanii Constanța, while Pool B includes CSA Steaua Bucharest, CSM Bucharest, CS Dinamo Bucharest and SCM Gloria Buzău.


The first match of the competition will be, for the Sarries, an away match in Cluj-Napoca, against CS Universitatea Cluj.


At the press conference organised today, Sosene Anesi, Timisoara Saracens’ Head Coach stated:

“We are very excited to start the competition this weekend against Cluj. We’ve been working really hard in the last 4-5 weeks. With the team selection we are trying to get everyone a good opportunity, be they experienced or new players and perfect different combinations for future matches as well. But we don’t want to look too far ahead; our first priority during the two days of training we have left is to start the competition well against Cluj on Saturday.”   



“With the new season kicking off on Saturday we will try to continue the achievements of the past years, improving what we need to improve in our performance, correcting the mistakes we’ve made the previous season. I am happy with the way the forwards prepared in pre-season and our main goal will be that of gaining and securing ground and materialize more, with each match we will play, the occasions we will have of gaining possession. (Ulises Gamboa, Assistant Coach)


„This season’s kick-off we should show the good shape we’re in, following our intensive training during the pre-season and I believe that the efforts we’ve made in the past month should be shown on the pitch and the frustration accumulated following last season’s results should be poured into our match by match performance.” (Eugen Căpățînă, Team Captain).


The match of Saturday, August 10th, against CS Universitatea Cluj will kick-off at 11:00 am, on Iuliu Hatieganu Stadium in Cluj-Napoca and it will not be broadcasted.



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