Timisoara Saracens meet CSM Stiinta Mare in the second round of Romania Cup 2019/20



Derby weekend ahead, as Timisoara Saracens will clash against CSM Stiinta Baia Mare


After the first round bonus point win against CS Universitatea Cluj, Timisoara Saracens will play away, once again, only this time up North, where they will clash against CSM Stiinta Baia Mare for the second round of the competition.


Although after the first round the lions rank first in their pool, as CSM Stiinta Baia Mare won their match following Tomitanii Constanta’s forfeit, all games in which Sarries meet Baia Mare are considered by Timisoara Saracens as having the importance and the intensity of a final, judging by captain Eugen Căpățînă’s statement during the press conference:

“We are accustomed to playing a derby game each time we meet Baia Mare, since it’s the team we always clash against in the final phases of any competition. Last season they proved to be better than us, so we have to rise above them now. I believe we played well enough against Universitatea Cluj last week and I think the result stands proof. We had to adjust some details since last week. I think we've managed to sort them out and all we have to do now is to travel to Baia Mare and get the points we need to rank first.”


“It will be a tough game. Baia Mare will be fresh because they played no matches yet, but I think we have the upper hand, since we played the first round and the boys looked really well, both on the field and in training. We don’t know yet what to expect from Baia Mare this season, but it will definitely be a hard match, as it is every time we play them.” (Viliami Moala, Assistant Back’s Coach)


Ulises Gamboa, the Forwards’ Coach stated that this week’s workload and intensity was adapted to the weather conditions, as Romania experienced a few days of intense heat.

“It will be our second away match, so we’ve had fewer days for training. That’s why we had to have intensive trainings, to be as prepared as possible for this important game. What I have asked the forwards this week is to play the same they did last season during our home semi-final, when, even though I was sad for the result, I was happy with the forwards’ performance. So the requirement for the Saturday match is that the forwards play with the same intensity and aggression as they did the last time we played against Baia Mare.”


The second round of the 2019/20 Romania Cup is scheduled for August 17th 2019 on the “Arena Zimbrilor” Satadium in Baia Mare, kicking off at 11:00 am and it will not be broadcasted.


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