Rugby Code of Conduct

We expect our players and supporters to respect a code of conduct that will help them to be perceived as good ambassadors of the game of rugby, both in the home and the away games.



  • Show fans, players and staff that the visitors are welcomed and we recognize and respect their dedication to their own club;
  • Show respect to our opponent team: we are opponents, not enemies and without them there would be no competition;
  • Respect the referee's decisions and show respect for all match officials;
  • Show dignity, pride and calm: these are all core values of our club;
  • Acknowledges the efforts of our players to play at their maximum capacity to win every game;
  • Encourage the sportivity of our favorite team to play in the letter and spirit of the laws of the game;
  • Keep silence and respect the concentration of any visiting player who is preparing to execute a penalty or a transformation;
  • Appreciate beautiful stages made by visitors, as those of our team; beautiful rugby played with courage should be recognized as such - there's no shame to show that you like their game when it deserves;
  • Condemn behavior and vulgar language - no booing or swearing have place in a tough but noble competition; these have no other effect than to disqualify you from the stands;
  • Condemn any violent or unsportsmanlike conduct, whether belonging to other players or spectators.



  • Intimidate, denigrate or disparage the visitors and their fans;
  • Act to limit the right of others to watch the game with pleasure;
  • Limit through non-sporting behavior rival team supporters' the right to enjoy the victory;
  • Focus on winning at all costs (outside the spirit of the game) - honest effort is as important as victory;
  • Ridicule any player, regardless of which team is;
  • Contest the referee during the match;
  • React in a violent or abusive manner - including verbal abuse, physical or emotional - the game officials, players, coaches or other spectators;
  • Use vulgar or abusive language - verbal abuse is not acceptable in any form;
  • Come to the game under the influence of alcohol.
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