Social Involvement Timisoara Saracens

We are part of our local comunity. In addition to our sporting goals that we have set, our mission is to come closer to the communities in which we develop our activity and sustain the spirit of the city that we represent with pride.

Values in which we believe:

  • Commitment: We are committed to the community to which we belong

  • Respect: rugby taught us to respect all that is built with sincerity and passion

  • Performance: we want to excel and be an example in everything we want to achieve

  • Opening: we consider the suggestions and learn together permanently

  • Ethics: we know how to respect people, we keep the promises we make

  • Family: We are aware that we can only achieve great things together, with the team, supporters and all those who believe in us.

In addition to the objectives of strengthening our club, Timisoara Saracens RCM West University of Timisoara Association pay special attention to social causes, getting actively involved in the local community. Social programs developed by our sportsmen include both community marketing activities, volunteering, donations, sponsorships and activities undertaken through associations and charitable foundations.

Among the activities that our club has been involved include:
  • Organizing trainings and themed events
  • Participation in local and national charitable events
  • Promoting rugby and other sports in the area of ​​education-culture-sports
  • Donations for retirement homes and orphanages
  • Organizing charitable photo exhibitions
  • Support and funding for various social cases
  • The involvement of players in social responsibility actions (snow removal activities, environmental activities, promotion of Timisoara and the local community)
  • Involvement in specific actions to promote a balanced lifestyle (running competitions and marathons, motivational events, healthy life campaigns etc.)
  • Actions to promote local and regional traditions, holidays and regional culture
  • Actions to promote local sports and all local teams
Partnerships with social involvement: West University Student Association OSUT and AIESEC, Sport Association Druckeria, CRAE Speranta Humanitarian Foundation and the Little People Foundation.
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