Timisoara Saracens will face Dinamo Bucharest on the Dan Paltinisanu Stadium




After the defeat suffered in Cluj, in the 8th Round of the SuperLiga CEC Bank 2019/20, Timisoara Saracens return home for the clash against Dinamo Bucharest


On Thursday, October 24th, from 12:00 PM, on the Dan Paltinisanu Stadium, Timisoara Saracens will step again on the pitch for the 9th SuperLiga CEC Bank 2019/20 round. After the defeats against CSM Stiinta Baia Mare, Steaua Bucharest and Universitatea Cluj and after seven rounds, the Lions are ranked 3rd in the championship chart, while the guests, with one less played round, are ranked 6th.


During the press conference prior to the Thursday match, Sosene Anesi, Ulises Gamboa and Eugen Căpățînă have spoken about the result aimed at the end of the match against Dinamo Bucharest and they have also addressed the last round’s defeat:


“For me, personally, this game is going to be about emotions and heart. We are not in a good spot at the moment, so we need this performance to get ourselves back on the standards and the level that we deserve. We’ve been relying too much on our status and our reputation, rather than our character, so we need our character for the game on Thursday. Dinamo is not going to be easy, so our discipline and our attitude need to be spot on this Thursday. I am looking forward to the game and to getting ourselves back on the level that we expect.” (Sosene Anesi, Head Coach)


“We’ve a very important game ahead, like Sosene said, one with an emotional load for us, because the players and the team will have the opportunity to prove that we are not just a big group with important names, but we can transform this group into the team we are all hoping for. We hope we can achieve the result expected from each match we play. There was a lot of hard work involved into getting us a positive result this week and, most importantly, we hope to get from the players the reaction we are looking for, both as far as the game plan is involved and more importantly, as far as the group’s and the team’s discipline is concerned.” (Ulises Gamboa, Forwards Coach)


“We’ve returned home after a match in which we didn’t perform as we were supposed to. It’s time to admit this as sportspersons and to realize where we are. We needed to get onto the pitch and play, we need to reach our goal, that of winning the Cup and the Championship. I think that ultimately we haven’t yet lost it all, but we cannot perform well with the attitude we had. A radical change is necessary and I think this change has now come from our Coach and from the players. We need to be more serious about all matches and no matter who’s in front of us we need to perform to our level and not to the level of our opponent. We have talked about the last match, lost in a shameful way because we didn’t perform as we were supposed to and I think that we, the players, should look inside ourselves and get back to the grass, were we belong. We have no excuse and I think it was our fault, the players, because ultimately it was us on the pitch. We had a full selection, which we perhaps lacked in other matches in which we performed better. It was our fault, because of our attitude. We probably thought that it was the name who was playing and not the player. I don’t think we will make the same mistake again.” (Eugen Căpățînă, Team Captain)


Ionel Melinte is fully recovered for the match against Dinamo Bucharest and he will wear the Timisoara Saracens jersey for the first time as fullback, while Cătălin Fercu, Marius Iftimiciuc and Horațiu Pungea are still unavailable. Also, Moa Maliepo is undergoing the HIA protocol, following a head injury during the match against Cluj and he will be re-assessed for next week.


The 9th SuperLiga CEC Bank 2019/20 round against Dinamo Bucharest will not be broadcasted. This will be the last SuperLiga match of the first half of the season and next weekend Timisoara Saracens will receive CS Universitatea Cluj on Dan Paltinisanu Stadium, for the return round of the Romania Cup.

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