Timisoara Saracens – for the sixth time in Romania Cup’s Final




Timisoara Saracens will clash against CSA Steaua Bucharest in the 2019/20 Romania Cup Final


After finishing the pool stage without a loss, the Sarries are travelling this weekend to Brasov, where they will play against CSA Steaua Bucharest, with The Romania Cup up for grabs.



One of the four teams of this season’s Romania Cup Pool A, Timisoara Saracens played for their spot in the Final against CSM Stiinta Baia Mare, CS Universitatea Cluj and ACS Tomitanii Constanta. In the first three rounds of the tournament, the Lions defeated the Cluj team by 40 – 3, on the Baia Mare pitch they won by 22 – 17 and they defeated ACS Tomitanii Constanta on home ground by 76 – 6, while in the last three rounds, played in November, Timisoara Saracens pinned two wins (one against CS Universitatea Cluj by 67 – 7 and one against ACS Tomitanii Constanta by the season’s record score of 111 to nil) and one draw on home ground with CSM Stiinta Baia Mare, the score board displaying 6 to 6 at the end of the 80 minutes play. Ranked 1st of Pool A at the end of the qualifying rounds, the Lions have thus secured their sport in this season’s Romania Cup Final.


“For me it’s straightforward: very looking forward to the Final against Steaua on Saturday. I think our players are in a good head place for this game, the mindset and the concentration are there. We’ll have our final run tomorrow and then we’re on the road, to make sure we’ll get our preparation right for Saturday. But we are very excited and very looking forward to putting a good performance on Saturday.” (Sosene ANESI, Head Coach)


“It is the first Final of the season, the first objective to check. All players are available for selection and anxious to play this game, so important for both the team and the club. We will have another comprehensive training session, with accent on the forwards’ play. It will be important for the preparation of the Final against Steaua, because all re-plays will have great importance, especially the scrums, one of our opponents’ favourite re-play. The boys worked hard, we are happy with their performance during trainings and we are hoping for a positive result.” (Ulises GAMBOA, Forwards Coach)


“We are happy to find ourselves ahead of the most important game of this half-season, ahead of the first trophy to potentially win. It will be a hard game against Steaua, but lately everything went smoothly with the team, we have a pleasant atmosphere in the team and we hope all will be well until after the game, so we can come out winners after the 80 minutes on the pitch. We wish for this victory, we want to win another trophy for the Club and we hope to succeed that. Both we and Steaua have stark teams, in which the strength of the forwards pack combines well with the open play of the backs. Just like with each Final, the win will belong to the ones who most wish it and we hope it will be us, because we need this win. I think our current boost of confidence and our mindset arose out of the importance of this match. Given the fact that last season we didn’t succeed in winning any of the Finals, this reason, we regained our will to continue winning trophies. For those of us who are with this club for a long time, last season was a bit of a disaster, given that we weren’t able to win any trophies, so we want to start this season on our best foot and travel to Brasov for the win and then, hopefully, have a great holiday.” (Vasile RUS, Team Captain for the 2019/20 Romania Cup Final)


“I think this team is now in its best shape, we’ve reached our peak of shape. The boys are ready to take on this Final and I think all we have left now is fine tuning our plays and bringing home the trophy at stake. I believe that this team has both the power and a grand wish of winning. We’ve shown that when we wish hard for something we can achieve anything and as long as we are in the Finals, we have a huge chance of winning.” (Eugen CĂPĂȚÎNĂ, Club Captain)


Timisoara Saracens and CSA Steaua Bucharest have clashed before in Romania’s Cup Final, on October 4th 2015. That season, the Final was played in Iasi and the Lions have come out victorious by 17 to 14, after 80 minutes of play, to which two extra time halves was added. That year, Timisoara Saracens had brought home their back to back Romania Cup, their 3rd within 4 years.


The 2019/20 Romania Cup Final is scheduled for Saturday, November 30th 2019, on “Noua” Stadium in Brasov, kicking off at 12:00 PM, to be broadcasted live on TVR1.

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