New addition in the forwards pack ahead of the second half of the 2019/20 season




A new prop joins the team ahead of the SuperLiga CEC Bank second half


Joji Sikote is the new addition of the Saracens Lions’ forwards pack. Born on August 14th 1995 in Suva, Fiji, the 24 year old prop arrived in Timisoara this week, ahead of the 2019/20 SuperLiga CEC Bank second half. According to the contract he’s signed with Timisoara Saracens, the supporters can see him on the pitch until the end of the 2020/21 season.



Cousin from his mother’s side with the former Timisoara Saracens player Mesake Doge, Joji Sikote has signed his first contract with a club in the Northern Hemisphere. In Fiji, he previously played for Naitasiri Rugby U20 (2014), Tailevu Rugby U20 (2015), Northland Team (2016-17) and Rewa Rugby Union (2018-2019). Joji Sikote is connected with the former Timisoara Saracens player Mesake Doge not only by blood, but also as far as rugby is concerned, as Joji trained, before arriving in Timisoara, with Ratu Manu Veikoso, Mesake’s former S&C coach and they also played against each other one time, back in Fiji.




“I’m very happy to be in Timisoara. I’d like to thank the club and the coaches for the opportunity and I will do my best to rise to everyone’s expectations and prove that I deserve my spot in the team. I like the group very much, they have all welcomed me since the first day I arrived and they made me feel at home. I even like the weather in Timisoara and I can’t wait to put on the playing jersey and perform for Timisoara Saracens.” (Joji Sikote)

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